About VDV Team

About VDV Team

Founders and owners:

VDV company is a family owned business. It was founded in 1992 by Zinoviy and Emma Kutni.

“Emma’s Company” is the daughter company of “VDV” which has been created this year by new generation of company’s owners. The main reason of this project is the increase of foreign customer’s demand for the goods developed by “VDV” TM. Now “VDV” is still the manufacturer, but, as a company, it sells goods only on the territory of Ukraine, while “Emma’s Company” become a distributor of manufactured goods abroad.



VDV Team specializes in developing designs for embroidery and bead embroidery.

Also our assortment includes various DIY items (cushions, bags, toys etc.)

Our final produce is a complete kit.


We have been selecting all the materials for our kits for many years in different parts of the world, and we are proud to supply you the best items for your business. Among our partners are: PRECIOSA ORNELA, a.s.; Mouline DMC sas; Needle Industries PVT LTD (Pony); MIYUKI CO.,LTD.; Ariadna S.A.; GALANT TRADE s.r.o. etc.


This is the headquarters of our VDV Team






Some information about our designers:

Julia Grishko:


The most experienced of the Team. Her works are full of floral motives. Julia is always in the main-stream of our customers’ desires, so most of her works immediately become bestsellers.

Ksenia Afiichuk







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