Bugle beads 3" № 17050 / 930 (satin) (Code: 930-17050)

Chopped glass beads, which seemed to be glued of the longitudinal fibers.
It is widely used in embroidery, beading and jewelry manufacturing.

Addition for Masters:

1. The package 50 g and 10 g may comprise an error of about 10% of the beads.

2. In 1 gram of beads 10/0 - 90 beads.

3. Bead size 10/0 varies from 2.2 to 2.4 mm.
It depends on the production technology.
Thus, the pearl beads - the largest and the matte transparent beads - a little smaller than the whole palette.

4. The beads in the original packaging Preciosa, with 3 or 5-digit serial numbers - a beads of first grade, custom company VDV.
It is calibrated (nonstandard beads less than 1%), and is suitable for embroidery.


Texture: satin
Color: golden
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