Free-form embroidery kit ''Parfume №1" (Code: TN-1015)

Embroidery kit for making a decorative picture with sequins and beads.

The kit contains:
• color print on fabric VDV (Ukraine),
• sequins,
• seed beads and pearl beads Preciosa,
• threads Tytan 100 Ariadna,
• a needle Pony (India),
• fliseline,
• instructions.

The pattern is printed on thick tissue-based toned high-quality fabric using modern printing technologies.

The dense texture of the fabric has the advantage not to be fraying at the edges, it is easily pierced by a needle, and pleasant to touch and is not breaking when embroidering.

The fabric does not include stretch at all, so it does not lose its shape (does not sit down, not pulled) when it is washed.

The color pattern is worked out in details and easy to read, colored with safety ink, maintaining the color well.

The kit also contains a piece of adhesive fliseline to give more density to the embroidery, but it is better to fix it before the embroidery.

Attention! Embroidered with sequins products can not be ironed, bleach, placed near a heater or in direct sunlight.

Fabric: satin (100% polyester)
Number of colors: 15
Embroidery technique: 1/2 stitch
Weight of beads: 90 g
Threads: Tytan 100 Ariadna (100% polyester)
Needle: Pony (steel)
Beads: Preciosa №10 (glass)
Manufacturer: VDV
Size: 34х19.5 cm
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