Workpiece for beads embroidery ''Cosmetic case" (Code: KO-15)

Color print on fabric VDV (Ukraine) for making a beaded cosmetic case.

A short instruction, lining and fliseline are included.

The pattern is printed on thick tissue-based toned high-quality fabric using modern printing technologies.

The color pattern is worked out in details and easy to read, colored with safety ink, maintaining the color well.
The colors of the beads, zip in the workpiece are not included and are selected on one's own.

Embroidery tips:

1. To get your work neat put beads in one direction.

2. You can change length or width of your work. Leave several rows unstitched if it is needed.

3. When embroidery is finished, sew sides of your work together manually (with blind stitch) or use a sewing machine.

4. Rinse beadwork in mild soap solution and plain cold water after finishing embroidery if it is needed.

5. Store your beaded accessories and jewelry in tightly closed containers far from direct sunlight and heaters.

Manufacturer: VDV
Embroidery technique: 1/2 stitch
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